Straight Stairs Portfolio

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While straight stairs appear to have a simpler look compared to curved stairs or a stairs spiral, never underestimate the appeal and luxury of custom staircases composed of straight stairs. Image Design Stairs has been in the industry for over 25 years. Creating custom stairs is what we do best and we take pride in this.

Our straight stair designs for commercial stairs and homes never fall short of unique style and class. Learn about material, railing, and tread options below for straight stairs.

Straight Stairs

Many young parents and families choose to go with a straight staircase for their home. Why? With young ones running around there is always a lot of action and traffic at any time of the day. On the same note, commercial stairs in schools, universities, community buildings, or other settings are commonly of a straight design for the same reason of high traffic or simplicity.

For many, straight stairs mean safety and comfort. This is why it is ever so crucial to have a high-quality custom staircase built. Not only does the foundation and materials matter, but how a staircase is built matters most. Image Design Stairs are The Stairs Experts. We know what will work with best based on the specifics of the surrounding environment.

Just like many other parts, a staircase can become a focal point of turning a house into a home. Don’t think because you decide on a straight staircase that it will be anything but ordinary. When you build with us, your straight stairs will be far from ordinary. Check out our Staircase Anatomy here to understand the endless potential with straight stairs.

Sometimes, people who have a hard time deciding on options, stick with the common straight stairs design, but then add a customized touch such as newel posts and treads, or a specific style of railing.

Imagine the possibilities with a traditional wood, stainless steel, or wrought iron design. Maybe you have always wanted a more modern look with a cable railing and treads. Have you ever considered the beauty of an open riser straight staircase? Our project galleries speak for themselves.

Straight Stairs Plan

Image Design Stairs is the premier choice for your next stairs project. Our expert team of builders and contractors will work with you through ever step of the project to ensure the staircase is exactly what you want and need. Learn about what makes Image Design Stairs special. Read about our process and what it will be like to work with us.

If you decide that straight stairs are not for you, view our other stair design options such as our custom curved stairs or spiral stairs projects. We believe there is a stair solution for every home and building.

Every member of our team will work best to design the perfect and safest staircase for you or your business. Not only are we stair experts, but we are people experts. Great customer service is part of our commitment to you.

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