Custom Stair Design & Installation in Auburn, AL

curved flared wooden stairs for home

Historic Stair Designs

Auburn is filled with stunning luxury homes. Custom stairs in Auburn, AL are very common. There are also a large number of historic homes that have been passionately renovated and restored thanks to both local residents and savvy investors. These homes have been updated inside and out catering to the homeowner’s desire while managing to still incorporate unique historic qualities and southern charm.

We like to think each of these homes has their own story. This is kept through any renovation, as it is important to the surrounding community. We believe a staircase adds so much more than functionality to a home. Surprisingly, there are a lot of important and special parts to a staircase

We strive to work with clients in creating the perfect custom design staircase solely crafted for their space. Whether you are building a new house, remodeling an existing one, or renovating a historic gem, we can assist with all your custom stair and railing design needs. From a modern glass and steel staircase to a traditional wood or ornamental iron grand stairwell, we deliver quality craftsmanship that will enhance your home’s beauty. Learn more about our building process here.

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Commercial Stairs in Auburn, AL

We have completed commercial staircases for businesses and communities across the country. Versed in building codes, our experts will decide what stair design will best fit the anticipated foot traffic for your space. Get an estimate on your next commercial project. Also, receive advice or additional information about our services and what we can do for you.

blueprint for curved stairway designs
up close cable and wood balustrade for staircases designs

Our Custom Stairs and Railings in Auburn, AL

As you can see in our first picture, customized iron balusters pair well with this curved staircase. Dark wooden stairs complement the white backdrop and wooden railing. Picture two is a great example of a modern floating staircase with a sleek cable railing. Light wood couples well with the silver of the balusters. In our third picture, you can see a very contemporary office with a sleek, modern glass staircase. A glass barricade matches with beautiful light wooden stairs and a matching circular wood railing. Here is another classic example of a floating staircase. Ultra-modern, vertical, metal balusters make this a design to remember.

Commercial Stairs Dimensions and Style

We offer stairs for every home and building in the Southeast region. Image Design Stairs offers stair designs for every house, office, or store. To the right, you will find staircase portfolios for different types of stair designs. We partner with you through every step of the stair design process. Our expert knowledge of stair anatomy allows us to know what will work best for your space. Starting with a consultation, we sit down with you to explore all the preliminary details and create a plan.

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outdoor living metal balustrade in stairs for home

Customer Testimonials

Image Design Stairs has 25-plus years of experience in delivering the highest quality custom staircase designs and installations in the United States. No matter the project, we can achieve a creative solution that brings your idea to life.

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