Custom Staircases

Elevate your residential or commercial space with a unique custom staircase by Image Design Stairs. At Image Design Stairs, our team of expert designers and builders have extensive experience creating and building interior and exterior custom staircases and railing designs.

With our turnkey processes and specialized skills, we make the design and installation process a seamless journey, turning your staircase design into the central focus of your project. We fuse your individual style and design preferences with our rich product offerings to create a custom staircase that turns the vision for your build into a reality.

Custom Stairs and Railings

Our residential and commercial staircases are customized using a combination of materials for the stairs, railings, balustrades, and more. Below are some of the staircase and railing materials we offer.

· Cable

· Glass

· Metal

· Wood

Types of Custom Staircases

Curved Stairs: Instead of a complete spiral, curved stairs have a slight twist for an elongated look.

Spiral Stairs: Unique and beautiful, spiral stairs connect multiple floors in one long, beautiful sphere.

Straight Stairs: Straight stairs are versatile and are built to your specifications by implementing your choice of treads, newel posts, open riser designs, and more.

Trusted Partner to Homeowners and Professional Builders

At Image Designs Stairs, our team of expert designers and builders utilize their industry knowledge and specialized skills to ensure your custom staircase perfectly blends style and functionality. We are not just stair experts. We are people experts who prioritize excellent customer service by providing first-class customer service and support to ensure your custom stairs are delivered on time and on budget.

Why Choose a Custom Staircase?

Investing in a custom staircase from Image Design Stairs offers many benefits. One significant advantage is the potential for increased property value. A thoughtfully designed and crafted custom staircase is a distinctive architectural feature that elevates the value of your home or commercial build. Prospective buyers and visitors alike value the attention to detail and unique character that a custom staircase brings, contributing to a positive perception of the property.

We specialize in creating visually stunning custom staircases. Our stairs are crafted to be unique. We tailor the design to your specific preferences and seamlessly integrate your stairs to complement the aesthetic of your project.

We offer traditional and modern designs to match your style, and our team will partner with you to ensure that the final product is exactly what you envisioned. By choosing a custom staircase from us, you can turn your staircase into a work of art that complements your décor.

Choose Image Design Stairs for Your Custom Staircase Project

For over 25 years, our skilled team has been providing custom stair solutions to homeowners and professional builders.

We encourage you to take a look at our completed projects spanning cities and states across the nation. Read our customer testimonials to gain insights into the projects we have completed. Safety standards and high-quality materials are utilized throughout every project we are involved with.

Contact Image Design Stairs today to learn more about custom staircase designs and to schedule a consultation or request a quote. By partnering with our team of expert designers and builders, you can create a custom staircase that elevates the style and functionality of your project.


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