Custom Stairs Portfolio

Many people choose to spruce up their home with custom stairs. Depending on your budget, this is done right when you buy a new house, or as a renovation in a home you’ve lived in for decades. Image Design Stairs has vast experience creating and building exterior and interior custom staircases and railing designs for homes and commercial areas.

The design process alone is exciting, as a staircase can be a central focus of a room. Custom stair projects can stem from individual style, personal inspiration, and family or community traditions.

Custom Stairs and Railings

Commercial stairs and home staircases can both be customized in a combination of materials for a number of stair parts. Examine our Anatomy of a Staircase to see how many components are customizable. Below are some of the most common choices for a custom staircase and railing.

  • Cable
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood
  • Wrought iron

Custom Stairs

Curved stairs: Instead of a complete spiral, curved stairs have a slight twist for an elongated look, such as with grand staircases.

Stairs spiral: Unique and beautiful, spiral stairs can connect multiple floors in one long, beautiful fairytale-like loop.

Straight stairs: Simple and traditional, straight stairs can really be special with customized treads and newel posts, or with an open riser design.


A modern choice that pairs surprisingly well with wooden or metal stairs is a glass or cable railing. Glance through our stair railing gallery for inspiration on what would work best or be a great match for stairs you want to keep or a complete staircase revamp. Our railing profile also gives an in-depth look at different designs.

Stair Contractors

Usually when a custom staircase is built, it represents something more than just a means for getting from one floor to the next. A custom staircase connects different parts of a home.

Creating something such as a custom staircase should not be done alone. For over 25 years, our skilled team has been a staple in stair solutions. If you want a custom staircase done right, the only option is with Image Design Stairs. Not only are we stair experts, but we are customer service experts. Our clients are our first priority.

Take a look at our completed projects spanning 13 cities in 7 states. Your city many not be on the list, but that’s just because we haven’t worked our magic there yet. Read our customer testimonials to see the amazing projects we have done so far. Safety and quality are present in all of our jobs, custom or not.

To learn more about what makes us special, check out Our Process page to see why we are different than other stair companies.

Contact Image Design Stairs today for any custom staircase ideas, questions, or a free consultation. You can also request a quote. If you are deciding whether a custom staircase is right for you, your business, or a community building, the answer is, of course. Create something special and lasting for your home or community.