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The Ins and Outs of Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases make a wonderful addition to any property. Despite the fact that people often mix them up, spiral and curved stairs are not one and the same. Spiral stairs tend to be on the compact and tight side, and their treads spread out from central poles. Curved stairs tend to be on a much larger radius, and while still helicular in style, normally don’t make a complete circle.


Spiral stairs are ideal for living spaces; particularly those that could use bit more room. They don’t take up as much real estate as their standard staircase counterparts do, and are an easy fix to adding square feet, while also bringing sophistication to any home. It’s important to note there are quite a few different types of spiral stairs, so be sure to consider all the various styles. If you’re particularly short on space, for instant, you’ll want to look into an incline that’s particularly steep. These stairs also tend to be cost effective and installation friendly. If you want to save big on home design, investing in spiral stairs can be a smart and economical idea.


There’s no arguing the perks of spiral staircases. They don’t require a lot of room in your home, and are a great way to add real estate. Some spiral staircases are at an advanced incline, so it’s also important to consider the steepness of these stairs, if you have young children or are a senior. Proper fitting is also essential for spiral stair installation success. It’s critical to choose a professional who will steer your from designing overly large openings, and make a point to select proper materials.


If you’re thinking about making a big and dramatic change to your residence, you might consider installing a spiral staircase. These aesthetically pleasing, functional, dependable and powerful stairs are on trend for residential properties, and offer eye-catching designs.