Custom Stair Design in Lexington, KY

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Historic and Modern Stair Designs

There are many beautiful luxury homes in Lexington and the city’s surrounding suburbs. Many of the residents and investors have been faithfully restoring historic homes, blending modern updates while preserving the more unique characteristics and details older homes showcase. We can help you with designing a unique, personalized staircase that brings the vision of your home to life.

Whether it’s a modern stairwell for a brand-new home or a grand staircase in a historic renovation, we strive to provide quality craftsmanship that will bring maximum visual impact.

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Stairs for Every Home

Image Design Stairs is a key leader in designing and manufacturing luxury curved, straight, spiral, open riser, and monumental staircases. We proudly deliver the pinnacle of quality luxury staircases to homes in Lexington, KY. From concept to completion, we guarantee our craftsmanship and flawless execution in creating the perfect custom staircase design, hand-crafted solely for your home.

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Customer Testimonials

Image Design Stairs has 25-plus years of experience in delivering the highest quality custom staircase designs and installations in the United States. No matter the project, we can achieve a creative solution that brings your idea to life.

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