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Image Design Stairs is your premier partner for creating modern stairs that elevate the functionality and stylistic appeal of your space. Whether you’re seeking to create a sleek, straight staircase for your home or a cutting-edge curved stairs design for your commercial building, we will help you create a luxurious staircase that leaves a lasting impression. 

At Image Design Stairs, our experts utilize their industry knowledge and specialized skills to create beautiful modern stairs for your space. Using premium materials, including cable, glass, and metal, we create modern staircases that meet and exceed the aesthetic and functional needs of your build.

Read on about the advantages of modern stairs, our premium material options, and design ideas for your modern staircase for the inspiration you need to turn your vision for your staircase into a reality. 

The Advantages of Modern Stairs

Modern stairs serve much more than just a functional purpose. Their sleek and minimalist design creates a stunning visual impact that pairs enhanced functionality with space-saving solutions.


  • Sleek, Minimalist Designs: Modern stairs are characterized by their clean lines and aesthetics, featuring materials such as cable, glass, and metal. They provide a contemporary feel that complements any setting, whether a compact home or a spacious office building, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. 
  • Functionality: Modern staircases are about more than aesthetics. They provide practical solutions that are particularly useful in smaller spaces, where maximizing every inch is crucial. 
  • Customization: With endless design options, your modern stairs can be customized to fit your preferences. From straight stairs, curved staircases, spiral stair designs, and more, your stairs can be tailored to meet your specifications and transform your space into a masterpiece. 

At Image Design Stairs, we specialize in creating modern stairs that are functional and visually appealing. Our skilled designers and artisans will partner with you from inspiration to installation to help you realize your vision for your modern staircase design

Premium Materials for Modern Staircases

When designing modern stairs, the choice of materials you use for your staircase is crucial. At Image Design Stairs, we offer a diverse range of premium materials options to ensure your staircase reflects your functional and stylistic preferences. 

  • Cable: Cable railings are designed to provide secure, functional stair solutions while adding a touch of elegance to your space. Our cable railings are crafted from high-quality materials, with options including aluminum or stainless steel. Durability is one of the premier features of our cable railings to ensure your staircase meets strict safety standards.
  • Glass: Luxurious and sleek, glass stairs are a chic choice for your modern staircase design. The perfect blend of class and sophistication, glass provides endless design options when paired with premium stair treads and unique newel posts. Our glass stairs are constructed with high-quality tempered glass.
  • Metal: Metal is a popular option for several types of modern staircases. With low maintenance requirements, metal is the preferred option for busy commercial spaces. Featuring a contemporary and modern aesthetic, metal stairs can be customized to several design styles to create a unique focal point in your space.  

Designing Modern Stairs

Our professional artisans understand that designing modern stairs for your home or commercial space requires careful consideration. From choosing the right staircase style to incorporating unique design elements, we utilize our expertise to ensure you receive modern staircase designs that meet and exceed your expectations. 

The first step in designing your modern stairs is selecting the style that best complements your space. Modern staircases come in various styles, including straight, curved, spiral, and custom designs, each offering a unique aesthetic and functionality to match your preferences. Our team will evaluate your space’s layout and architectural features to help you determine which style will work best. 

We will also discuss unique stair elements, including ornate stair railings, intricate newel posts, and baluster styles, to add a touch of elegance and contemporary flair to your staircase. 

At Image Design Stairs, we specialize in creating modern staircases that are visually stunning and meet your specific needs. Our skilled designers and artisans will partner with you to create the perfect staircase style, incorporating unique stylistic elements to create a truly exceptional staircase for your space. 

Elevate Your Space with Modern Stairs

The pinnacle of contemporary design, modern stairs from Image Design Stairs will elevate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space. With over 25 years of experience, in the industry, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every innovative design feature, ensuring your modern staircase becomes a visual masterpiece. Trust us to create a modern staircase that reflects your individual style and enhances the beauty of your space.  

Contact our team today to discuss how we can transform your staircase. 


Review our gallery of modern staircase design ideas and find inspiration for your next project. Contact our team of expert builders and designers to turn your staircase vision into a reality.

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