Modern Stairs Portfolio


Here at Image Design Stairs, we look at every custom stair design as an architectural wonder. The uniqueness of modern stairs is a special part of exterior and interior design in modern homes. With ultra-modern materials like cable, glass and metal, design ideas become a fun project, not just a necessary house renovation.

Modern Staircase Design

Whether a spiral staircase or straight staircase, a modern concept with new-age materials will bring life into any home or building with super-clean lines or curves.


Durability is the foundation for cable railings. Composed of either aluminum or stainless steel, a cable railing can be paired with glass, stone, wooden or metal stairs. Today’s cable railings are among the safest materials, even for littles kids. Black treads look very sleek with a silver cable railing and wooden stairs.


Classy and refreshing, a glass balustrade or floating glass stairs create light and transparency in a unique way to showcase space and color. While not a popular option for families with young children or schools, glass staircases are the epitome of modernity.


Another pillar of strength, metal is a popular modern option for straight or spiral staircases.  Whether leading down to your living room or up to your home office, a metal staircase or simply a metal handrail paired with glass or wood creates a modern look.

Click on any one of the three options below to get a more in-depth look at these three materials featured. In each one you will see first hand how customized modern stairs can be and what would look best for your stairs renovation.

Modern Staircase

A great thing about modern staircases, like all other staircase designs, is that one design can build upon another. For example, a floating staircase (not connected to a wall) is becoming increasingly popular in ultra-lux modern homes and office buildings. A floating staircase can also be spiral, paired with glass stairs or a glass railing.

When you look at the anatomy of a staircase, you truly realize the endless range of options for modern stairs. For example, our linear collection catalog outlines just how many different possibilities there are for handrails, newels, treads, stair shape, and more.

If you decide a modern staircase isn’t for you, we can discuss more traditional options. Once we get to know you and the environment the stairs are in, this is where the fun begins.

We have been in the stairs business for over 25 years. Completed projects include estate homes, office buildings, movie sets, plus sorority and fraternity homes. Read our customer testimonials to see the amazing work we have done so far. You can even see modern stairs that we built in a number of cities. Don’t worry if you don’t see your city on our list. The more we grow, the more we know.

Contact Image Design Stairs today for any staircase ideas, questions, and a free consultation, or request a quote. We are honored to be a part of your home or business design.