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Savannah is known for its older buildings and historic homes full of beauty and character. Both local residents and investors have a long history of lovingly restoring and reviving these outstanding homes. These houses are often updated inside and out, with modern touches added while preserving original architectural details.

We strive to add artfully designed, quality-crafted custom staircases to fit your design needs. We can help those looking to build a new home, upgrade an existing one, or even restore a historic treasure. Staircases were once the focal point of a beautiful home and we are committed to bringing that same sense of awe to today’s homes. 

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Thank you for the beautiful staircases that you built for my home. I love them and they are just beautiful. Chuck said that you were the best and he was so right, they are everything I dreamed of for my new home. Thank you so much for your excellent job.
Patty Gorman

Sandy Springs, GA

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Image Design Stairs is a key leader in designing and manufacturing luxury curved, straight, spiral, open rise, and monumental staircases. We proudly deliver the pinnacle of quality luxury staircases to homes in Savannah, GA and the surrounding area.

From Concept To Completion
We guarantee our craftsmanship and flawless execution in creating the perfect custom staircase design, hand crafted solely for your home. Whether you desire a curved, straight, modern or spiral staircase we can accommodate your projects big and small.

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