Curved Stairs Portfolio

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If room allots for the space of curved stairs, a curved staircase is where it’s at. Found in both super modern and traditional homes, as well as community centers and other communal areas, curved stairs are a unique option for added flair. Image Design Stairs can create custom styles for added elegance, or you can choose from pre-made designs.

Rounded Stairs

A curved staircase, also referred to as rounded stairs, is similar to a stairs spiral. Spiral stairs loop around to a complete 360-degree circle and maximize the space available. On the same note, curved stairs have a slight twist. If you like the look of spiral stairs, but don’t want a staircase that curves completely around, then curved stairs are a great option.

Advantages of Curved Stairs

  • Most people with young children or kids of any age prefer curved over spiral stairs because a curved staircase is easier for children to walk up and down.
  • It is easy to bring large or long items up and down curved stairs like it is with straight stairs.
  • This stair design is unique because most stairs are individually shaped to fit the curved look.

Drawbacks to Curved Stairs

  • Not all spaces can fit curved stairs.
  • Most stairs are all slightly different in shape. If you are looking for uniformity, curved stairs may not be the best option for you.

What’s great about a curved staircase is it can be as customizable as you want. Maybe you want wooden steps with a metal railing. Wrought iron is a great option. Cable railings are becoming increasingly popular for their durability and modern feel.

Have you decided that curved stairs are not for you or would not be suitable for a certain building? If you would like a simpler look, consider straight stairs.

Curved Staircase

Image Design Stairs has completed custom curved stairs projects in homes and other areas for over 25 years. Check out our photo gallery of completed designs below. Click on any of the images to see an in-depth enlarged image of a variety of curved stairs designs. Not only are we experienced in home projects, but commercial stairs as well.

In the past we have built curved stairs for movie sets, university housing, retail stores, and more. Our vast range of stair work spans 13 cities in 7 states. See if your city is on our list of completed projects. We let our clients speak for us. Read our customer testimonials to learn about how we have helped people build their dream home or office and about our process.

If you are inquiring about a curved staircase for a commercial building, contact Image Design Stairs today for a free consultation or request a quote. One of our stair experts can discuss building codes and regulations with you, as well as other specifics.

Are you interested in curved stairs for your home? We can help you find the perfect curved design for you, along with handrail, tread, and newel post options. Let’s create something beautiful together.