Curved Stairs

If the space for your home or commercial build allows for curved stairs, the design of modern curved stair railings will transform the aesthetics and functionality of your staircase. Found in traditional and contemporary homes, modern offices, community centers, and other communal buildings, curved stairs are a unique design option to add the perfect touch of elegance to your project.

Our team of professional builders at Image Design Stairs craft customized stair designs to enhance the style and safety of your staircase. With over 25 years of experience in the stair design industry, we implement streamlined services and optimized processes to create curved stairs that meet your exact vision for your project.

Image Design Stairs can create custom styles for added elegance, or you can choose from pre-made designs.

Rounded Stairs

Rounded staircases, or round stairs, are similar to spiral stairs. However, there are notable differences. Spiral stairs loop around to a complete 360-degree circle and maximize the space available. If you prefer the look of spiral stairs but do not want a staircase that curves around entirely, then stairs with a modern curved stair railing are the right design option for your project.

Advantages of Modern Curved Stair Railings

  • Modern curved stair railings offer greater flexibility in architectural design. They can be custom-tailored to complement various interior styles, allowing for creative expression and personalization.
  • The design of curved stairs often provides better support and stability while ascending or descending the staircase. The continuous railing design contributes to a safer experience, especially for individuals with mobility or balance issues.
  • Curved stairs are unique because the stairs are individually shaped and constructed to fit the curved design.

Drawbacks to Modern Curved Stair Railings

  • Not all residential or commercial builds can fit curved stairs and modern curved stair railings.
  • The design of each curved stair is slightly different in shape. As a result, if you desire a uniform appearance in your stair design, there may be better options available for your project including straight staircases.

Our curved stairs and modern curved stair railings are customized to fit your exact specifications. With several premium material options and rich finishes available, use cable, glass, metal, wood, and more to create durable curved stairs with a modern design aesthetic.

Curved Staircase

At Image Design Stairs, our team has completed hundreds of custom curved stairs and modern curved stair railing projects for both residential and commercial projects.

Review our gallery of diverse stair designs below. Click on any of the pictures to view enlarged images of our curved stairs and modern curved stair railings designs. We are experienced in crafting cable stairs for several types of builds including homes, movie sets, university housing, high-end retail stores, and more.

Read our customer testimonials to learn additional information about how we have helped homeowners, custom homebuilders, architects, and interior designers install staircase designs using our first-class services and turnkey processes.

For additional insights about curved stairs and modern curved stair railings or to schedule a consultation, contact our team today.


Look over our gallery of curved stairs and find inspiration for your next project. Contact our team of experts to turn your staircase vision into a reality.