Custom Stair Design in Jacksonville, FL

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River City Custom Stairs

Image Design Stairs is a key leader in designing and manufacturing custom stairs in Jacksonville, FL. Luxury curved, straight, spiral, open riser, and monumental staircases are our craft. We proudly deliver the pinnacle of quality luxury staircases across the country to retail stores, homes, offices, and community buildings.

From Concept to Completion

We guarantee our craftsmanship and flawless execution in creating the perfect custom staircase design, hand-crafted solely for your home. Our company has completed projects in all 50 states. Jacksonville is an eclectic part of Florida surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary, a state park and forest, and historic preserves. It is close to many beautiful, pristine east coast beaches.

Also known as River City, it is a retirement hotspot because of its proximity to the beaches and Fleming Island. Although air conditioning is extremely common, homes are built and treated to withstand the humidity that encapsulates the southernmost humid state. Due to heat and humidity that overwhelms numerous areas, many Floridians take pride in the interior design of their home such as their staircases. There is nothing better than coming in from the heat to a comfortable, cool home.

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single beam wooden stairs with glass balustrade stairs for home

Our Custom Stairs in Jacksonville, FL

Whatever kind of custom stairs you need, Image Design Stairs is your trusted resource. Whether you are looking for traditional straight stairs or contemporary floating stairs with a glass railing, we can help. Not only is our team comprised of experienced designers, but we also are experts when it comes to meeting and exceeding codes. Safety along with durability is our number one priority when building and installing your custom stairs.

Custom Stairs in Jacksonville for Every Home

Image Design Stairs offers a stair design for every project or home. We partner with you through every step of the stair design process. Starting with a consultation, we sit down with you to explore all of the preliminary details and create a plan.

Turn your dream staircase into reality. Click on any one of the galleries to the right to view a wide range of choices for any commercial or residential space. Whether you are looking to install new stair treads, a new railing, or construct an entirely new staircase, we have you covered.

straight stairs for home with carpeted runner

Customer Testimonials

Image Design Stairs has 25-plus years of experience in delivering the highest quality custom staircase designs and installations in the United States. No matter the project, we can achieve a creative solution that brings your idea to life.

Don’t see your city on the list? That’s okay! Request a quote and we will contact you to begin your project.