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Image Design Stairs proudly delivers the pinnacle of quality luxury, custom stairs in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas. We are a key leader in designing and manufacturing luxury curved, straight, spiral, open rise, and monumental staircases. Most importantly, we know how crucial it is to keep the southern charm alive and thriving.

From Concept to Completion
We guarantee our craftsmanship and flawless execution in creating the perfect custom staircase design and stair railing, hand crafted solely for your home. Our millwork and installation of exterior and interior stairs cannot be matched. Stairs parts such as treads and balusters can also be custom made to highlight the beauty of your home or office.

Read more about why Image Design Stairs are the custom stairs experts. We have completed projects in all 5o states from homes, to offices, to community buildings, to retail stores, and more.

I build large custom homes across the southeast. Image Design Stairs is my go to supplier to create complex stair systems regardless of where my customers decide to build.
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Our Staircases in Charleston, SC
Stairs For Every Home

As you can see above, we have four great examples created by our team of custom stairs in Charleston, SC. Pictures one and two showcase wood stairs paired with a wooden banister and glass barricade. This compliments the clean, white walls nicely, even against the bright pink outlines in picture one.  

Image three displays a perfect example of a modern cable railing that has become an increasingly popular option both commercially and residentially. Metal and wood really compliment each other well in terms of texture and durability. 

Picture four is one of our ultra-modern product designs. Vertical, metal balusters are a great accolade to a floating staircase with matching black, metal railing.


Stairs For Every Building & Home

Image Design Stairs offers a stair design for every project or home. We partner with you through every step of the stair design process. Starting with a consultation, we sit down with you to explore all of the preliminary details and create a plan. Treads, banisters, railings, materials, design, and more can all be made custom for you.


We have worked hard at focusing on each part of a staircase’s anatomy. Each section of a staircase compliments the other parts. Together, all the pieces can truly highlight a room’s space and light. Find your perfect stair design today. Request a quote now and turn your dream staircase into reality.


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