Modern Glass Stair Handrail Options in Atlanta, GA and Nashville

Do you think of a staircase as the focal point of the house you’re building, or do you assume it’s just a necessary way to move around? We at Image Design Stairs believe that a custom, modern staircase, with a modern glass handrail, can be the center of attention in any custom home. Staircases form the connection between all your home’s floors, and we emphasize that beautiful connection with our work.

A great way to create a stylish and contemporary staircase is to install a modern glass stair handrail.

Why Is Glass a Good Option?

When you hear glass, you may automatically think of words like fragile or smudges. However, glass railings actually come with a host of benefits that should settle the worries you may have.


Tempered glass is an extremely strong material. Because it’s pest- and rot-proof, it’s actually more durable than wood. This material can handle extreme stress without breaking, but if it does happen to break, it shatters into safe pieces of dull glass.

Unobstructed Views

Because you can have a railing of pure, clear glass, it will not obstruct any views. This transparency gives the illusion of more space and even allows more light to filter through the entire home. On the flip side, you can opt for opaque glass for more privacy as well.


Glass is perfect for adding some modern touches to your home design. However, don’t assume that it only pairs with steel; glass can match any type of interior design, including wood and brick. You can also customize the color and texture of glass for a personalized look.

Easy Maintenance

Yes, glass can smudge. However, all these railings need in the way of maintenance is a quick rub with a lint-free cloth. This chore will only take you a few minutes, and your glass railing will look brand-new.

If you’re a builder or architect looking for a beautiful and unique feature for your custom home design, look no further than glass handrails. Call Image Design Stairs in the Atlanta, GA, area at 855.684.8167 to see our affordable options.