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 There are many beautiful luxury homes in Lexington and in the city’s surrounding suburbs. Many of the local residents and investors have been faithfully restoring historic homes, blending modern updates while preserving the more unique characteristics and details older homes showcase.

We can help you with designing a unique, personalized staircase that brings the vision of your home to life. Whether it’s a modern stairwell for a brand-new home or a grand staircase in a historic renovation, we strive to provide quality craftsmanship that will bring maximum visual impact.

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We recently built a home in rural Kentucky. My wife and I have always wanted a curved staircase. We had no idea how to go about getting it built and installed until we found Image Design Stairs. All I did was give them the floor plan from my architect and they helped with the design as well as remedied the code issues that we didn’t even know we had. We knew exactly what we were getting and how much it would cost. Image Design Stairs made the process easy and we got exactly what we wanted.
S. Barlow

Hopkinsville, KY

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Image Design Stairs is a key leader in designing and manufacturing luxury curved, straight, spiral, open rise, and monumental staircases. We proudly deliver the pinnacle of quality luxury staircases to homes in Lexington, KY.

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We guarantee our craftsmanship and flawless execution in creating the perfect custom staircase design, hand crafted solely for your home.

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