Custom Stair Design & Installation in Birmingham, AL

Luxury Stair Designs

Birmingham is brimming with luxury homes that showcase both beauty and charm. Investors and locals have been passionately renovating historic homes with custom stairs in Birmingham, AL and updates inside and out. Preservation of the original appeal of special architectural details always remains the most important thing. Showcasing that lovely southern charm is a big part of home design and renovation.

From concept to completion, we can meet your custom stair design needs for your own home or business. Our design process will bring your perfect staircase to life, whether it’s for a brand-new home, a remodeling project, or historic home restoration. Whatever works for you, will work for us. We can help bring your ideas to life in a custom staircase that will fit both your architectural style and budget.

Contact us at any time for a free estimate, questions about our services, or with any ideas you have. You can also request a quote today to begin your custom staircase project in Birmingham.

Thank you for the beautiful staircases that you built for my home. I love them and they are just beautiful. Chuck said that you were the best and he was so right, they are everything I dreamed of for my new home. Thank you so much for your excellent job.
Patty Gorman

Sandy Springs, GA

Commercial Stairs in Birmingham, AL

 We have created staircases for industrial buildings, community centers, and stores all over the country. Contact us to discuss average foot traffic, room volume, angles, and treads for any type of setting. Whether it is a school, library, university, or retail clothing store, our commercial staircases will last a lifetime and beyond with the highest quality materials and construction.

Our Custom Stairs in Birmingham, AL

Our first picture is a classic curved staircase. Iron balusters compliment the black wooden stairs and white backdrop. Curved stairs illuminate space in any room with a unique look and holding onto contemporary southern charm.

In the second picture, we have a luxurious example of our modern floating stairs design. Beautiful, ornate wood is matched with a wooden railing and black metal balusters.

Picture three is an excellent example of our super-modern cable railing. It is held together by smooth, light wood on yet, another spectacular floating staircase.

For our last pictured staircase, this design belongs in a museum. We have an ultra-chic glass banister with a floating wooden staircase, held on by superb wooden beams. It is paired with a black metal railing.

Our Staircases in Birmingham, AL

Custom Stairs and Railings for Every Home

Image Design Stairs is a key leader in designing and manufacturing luxury curved, straight, open rise, spiral stairs, and monumental staircases. We proudly deliver the pinnacle of quality luxury staircases to homes across the United States. Glass, metal, iron, or wood, you name it, we can build it for you. Your dream staircase is our craft.

From Concept To Completion
Our company guarantees pristine craftsmanship and flawless execution in creating the perfect custom staircase design, hand crafted solely for your home. We have something for every home and building.  Take a look at the cities we most frequently serve for an even wider array of design choices. Select each portfolio below to view our past projects. You will be amazing at the variety of angles, materials, and looks we can create.

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